Cohen & Steers Income Opportunities REIT (CNSREIT)

A strategy for the new cycle from a pioneer in REIT investing

Cohen & Steers Income Opportunities REIT (CNSREIT)

A strategy for the new cycle from a pioneer in REIT investing

Attractive entry point in the cycle

As the real estate market reprices, Cohen & Steers can invest fresh capital at the right time with the opportunity for strong returns and high yield.

Differentiated property portfolio

We target undervalued sectors in growth markets. Our focus on small/mid-cap transactions means potentially better pricing and fewer competitive bids. An active allocation to listed REITs offers enhanced return, liquidity and reduced volatility potential.

Real estate leadership and expertise

As a pioneer of REIT investing, Cohen & Steers sits at the intersection of listed and private real estate helping investors optimize their portfolios.

Industry leading real estate platform

Cohen & Steers was founded as a pioneer of U.S. REIT investing. Nearly four decades later, our firm has evolved to become a leader in real assets and alternative income investing.



actively invested in traditional and specialty property types across 25 countries1


years experience and innovation investing in real estate with 26 dedicated investment professionals2


institutional clients across 17 countries in 4 continents3


“As people move from large, metropolitan cities to more affordable suburbs in mid-size markets they are driving opportunities in necessity-driven retail shopping centers.”

James Corl, CEO & CIO, CNSREIT
James Corl
CNSREIT offers complementary sector exposure

Learn more about portfolio construction

We believe value sectors are poised to outperform

In an inflationary environment, we look to pay a reasonable multiple on in-place rental income with solid growth. CNSREIT targets undervalued property types with durable cash flows in long term growth markets, aligned with key themes like: sunbelt office, necessity driven retail and rental housing.

Learn about our investment strategy

Cohen & Steers combines the power of excellence in listed and private real estate to create an information advantage


Financial professionals can request information and connect with our team

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